American Indian Mothers Inc.

Serving the Education, Health, Social Service, Agriculture and Cultural needs of American Indians

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History of AIMI
American Indian Mothers Inc. (AIMI) is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization serving the education, health, social service, and agriculture and cultural needs of American Indians (AI) and minorities residing in North Carolina. We are now located at 1211 Wagonwheel Rd. Shannon North Carolina. AIMI was founded November 1, 2000, by Beverly Collins-Hall, Janice Oxendine and Christine Locklear American Indian (AI) Women, as a community-based organization, mandated to improve the status of American Indians, and to foster inter-cultural understanding among the AI Tribes and Organizations throughout North Carolina, USA and Canada

Since its inception, AIMI has grown into a multi-faceted social support agency, with model programs such as Three Sisters Farm, Cannery and Co-op. AIMI has a staff of seven (7) and many volunteers that serve the estimated 30,000 Native and Non Native Americans in North Carolina.

AIMI membership is currently composed of American Indian Women from 15 different tribes and organizations. American Indians migration between rural and urban centers and reservations demonstrates the inter-relatedness of all American Indians and from this reality emerges the recognition that our issues and concerns are truly shared.

AIMI’s philosophy is that solutions can be shared as well; AIMI provides programs in continuing education, job training and placement; health education, nutrition and fitness and services referral; HIV referral and case management services; and counseling programs for alcoholism and substance use through traditional principles and practices of the First Peoples.

AIMI also sponsors programs in cultural enrichment through a performing arts program and the first American Indian Organic Farm and Training Facility in North Carolina.

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization which consist of a statewide group of women who are striving to fill in gaps in services throughout the rural community. AIMI’s programs and services are not limited to American Indians.

Our Vision
American Indian Mothers, Inc. will be a leading force in empowering families and filling in the gaps in services throughout the rural community.

Our Mission
American Indian Mothers, Inc. is committed to compassionate services that will improve the quality of life for families through health, prevention, agriculture, and educational programs while empowering women through cultural sensitivity and spiritual awaking.

Executive Board Mission Statement

As advocates for the American Indian Mothers Inc., the Executive Board is committed to providing excellent leadership according to the established by-laws.

American Indian Mothers, Inc. provides programs and services in seventeen counties throughout NC. We have currently received funds from the USDA/FSA/RMA/NRCS, NC Minority Health and Health Disparities, NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund, NC Healthy Carolinians, Office of Women’s Health, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Inc., Robeson County Commissioners, Lutheran Church, Farm Services Agency, and services from Second Harvest Food Bank, Food Lion, and Pizza Hut. These funds and services support the following programs & services:

  • Circle of Life: Programs provide transitional housing, health education, nutrition, and fitness for individuals who are disabled or affected by heath issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular heart disease and or obesity. Services are provided in six of the 17 counties we serve.

  • Ladies of the Light: This 24 Month Transitional Housing program provides shelter plus care for women who want to, make a change from risky life choices. The program provides them with housing, clothing; food, and health referrals services. Job training, continuing education and family planning. This programs goal is to reunite mothers with their children and provide them with the tools to become successful families; AIMI partners with the Health Depts. Clinics, Southeastern Regional Memorial Hospitals, DSS, and NC Coalition for the homeliness and many other groups who seek to build the family unit.
  • Project Pride: A Multi-Cultural program for youth in Robeson County, program services include: AIMI agricultural Projects with FSA/USDA programs, Robeson County Co-op Extension 4H Program the arts and cultural awareness of the early settlers in Robeson County. Funded by NC Arts Council.

  • Sons and Daughter of the First Peoples: The American Indian Youth program provides in statewide service for the Indian Youth. AI Youth Ambassadors show case the Indian Culture through song, dance and drum. The AI Youth Agricultural Program, Three Sisters Garden. Youth Ambassadors as they receive training and training materials from AIMI Staff, Elder Mentors and partnering agencies: 4-H, Cooperative Extensions, NC Agriculture, NC Forestry, Rural Development, NRCS and FSA/USDA program, Indian Credit Outreach youth program, Heifer International youth program, UNCP H-Cop and Indian Education and Public Schools of North Carolina are available to encourage their success.
  • Nutritional Meal Program: This program provides a weekly nutritional breakfast and lunch There are two locations in Robeson County and Cumberland Counties NC.

  • Three Sisters Farms, Cannery and Co-op (3 SFCC): AIMI 3 Sisters for profit business.
  • Transportation: AIMI provides transportation to the rural clients that we serve. AIMI has met its greatest need with our 12 passenger Van that provides transportation services for our clients in rural Robeson and surrounding Counties.
  • Classroom: AIMI provides individuals with online computer class and transportation to maintain their status in the Public of Robeson County and continuing education that are in need of support services.
  • American Indian Mothers Annual Conferences: (1.) “Many Tongues One Voices” is an American Indian and Minorities Women / Girls Conference the focus is on Women in Agriculture, Business, Education and Health. (2.) “Walking in Many Worlds” ” is an statewide collaboration for the American Indian population during the National Indian Heritage Month the focus is on Agriculture, Agri – Business, Economic Development, Health and Health Disparities and Advancing the American Indian Student.
  • American Indian Mothers Scholarship Program: This is a state, and national scholarship program. Locally, it provides for minority youth or women who would like to further their education by training or institutions of higher learning. On a national level it provides funding for the American Indians population who would like to further their education by training or institutions of higher learning.


AIMI Compassionate Services Program

  • AIMI Fights Against Hunger: Provides food boxes, nutritional meals, after schools programs to needed families through- out Robeson and surrounding counties. These are self-help services in which we help members sustain themselves and the community. Our doors have been open for ten years, and our food programs have never been empty. AIMI has 3 sites in Robeson County, a site in Hoke County and a site Cumberland a site Hertford County.
  • AIMI Meal/Food Bank – Robeson, Hoke & Cumberland Counties- AIMI is pleased to serve rural and urban communities, however we need the ongoing funding and training support with the new demand for change in the ways community engage in educational support opportunities larger budget and the rising cost associated with the volunteer serves that are provided by AIMI. Robeson County, being the number one poorest in the State and the third (3rd) in the Nation, is poverty stricken with high rates of unemployment, crime, drugs and high school dropout rates. AIMI”s outreach and training are needed to continue additional services to the list of programs services such as emergency shelter, food and clothing, on the jobs training, continuing education and transportation. We realize the great demand for the underserved and socially disadvantage population, AIMI and its networking partners are facing the problem head on.


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  • Circle of Life
  • Ladies of the Light
  • Project Pride
  • Sons and Daughter of the First Peoples
  • Nutritional Meal Program
  • Three Sisters Farms
  • Transportation
  • Classroom
  • AIMI Annual Conferences
  • Scholarship Program
  • AIMI Fights Against Hunger
  • AIMI Meal/Food Bank



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